Cruelty Free Favourites | Part 2

Great alternatives for regular animal testing brands!


one year of look fantastic (5)

A topic that’s almost there at the front of people’s minds when they purchase a product, but it still feels like price and accessibility just have that winning jump at the last hurdle – Cruelty Free makeup. It’s a sticky subject, some brands are cruelty free, but their parent companies aren’t. Most brands who sell products in the UK don’t test on animals, but the same brand has to test on animals to sell in China… oh it’s just a sticky subject.

And while I tried to do my research, don’t come at me if there’s a convoluted way why these brands aren’t cruelty free, I tried my best – it’s super confusing!

cruelty free

Anyhow, now we’ve got that out the way, I thought it was worth sharing with you my favourite cruelty free makeup favs… part 2. A lot of my part 1 favourites (read here) are still very…

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