Why We Should Stop Animal Testing Video

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Sahana and I are very passionate about being cruelty free and encouraging this message among others. When a makeup company is cruelty free, they do not hurt animals by testing on them to manufacture or develop their commercial product. Animal testing is a practice to test these commercial products before commercial release to the public.

We have mentioned many alternatives to animal testing which many makeup companies can do to become cruelty free. One of the easiest alternatives is vitro (in glass) testing. This method only needs human cells to test the wellness of the product. More relevant results are able to be drawn from this experiment than testing on animals (which is a whole new organism). This method is also safer because there is no risk in the performance of the product because it was directly tested on a human cell. Sometimes, animals may not be affected by the product being tested on them which may affect humans because humans and animals are different. In the end, no organism will need be harmed in the process of testing products because of this alternative.

Many facts are stated in this video which describe how horrid animal testing is. Becoming cruelty free is a change companies should be willing to do because it will benefit animals and humans in the end. This would mean their products will be less painful to purchase because no organism was harmed in the process, making it a cleaner product. Companies that do animal test can not be supported because they are harming animals which is inhumane. If people do not support these companies and spread the word about the cons of animal testing, these companies may be more likely to end the testing.

Cruelty Free Make Up

I totally can relate to your angel/devil argument over the non cruelty makeup. I try to be as cruelty-free as I can be, and there are many sacrifices you have to make. But at the end of the day, its worth not supporting makeup companies which animal test. there are many good cruelty free makeup brands as well so don’t worry, your foundation can always look good. 🙂

It’s a quarter to one in the morning as I lie here, illuminated by the harsh glow of my phone, starting a blog post. Fun fact, most of my blogs are written when I can’t sleep. Might as well, huh?

What am I thinking about? Just how many of the items in my make up drawers are tested on animals, come from companies that pay for testing on animals or claim they are cruelty free but cannot be declared as completely cruelty free because they sell to the Chinese cosmetic market?

This is a topic that has been on my mind for a long time. It’s been niggling away at me. The questions. The guilt. The feeling of needing to make a change.

Up until last year maybe, I hadn’t given it much thought. I found products I wanted to try, I’d research them a bit and if my interest…

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20 Pro And Cons Of Animal Testing

Your cons list is so good! I am against animal testing so I do not agree with the pros. There is a new alternative testing method that replaces the need of animals. It is called vitro (in glass) testing. Instead of using animals to be test subjects, human cells are being used making the testing more accurate because animals do not share many of the same diseases as humans. Animals can be reliable in some ways for animal testing, but are not always 100% reliable.

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Pro. 1 : Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments.

Con. 1: Animal testing is cruel and inhumane.

Pro. 2:  Helps ensure safety of drugs:

Con. 2: Some substances tested, may never be used for anything useful:

Pro. 3: Humans and animals are almost identical in many ways.

Con. 3: Success in animal experimentation does not equate to human safety.

Pro. 4: It provides an ethical alternative solution to testing.

Con. 4:  It uses animals that are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

Pro. 5: Animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing.

Con. 6: Alternative testing methods now exist that can replace the need for animals.

Pro. 7:  Allow researchers to study a test subject for a whole life span.

Con. 7: Medical breakthroughs need not involve animals.

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