20 Pro And Cons Of Animal Testing

Your cons list is so good! I am against animal testing so I do not agree with the pros. There is a new alternative testing method that replaces the need of animals. It is called vitro (in glass) testing. Instead of using animals to be test subjects, human cells are being used making the testing more accurate because animals do not share many of the same diseases as humans. Animals can be reliable in some ways for animal testing, but are not always 100% reliable.

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Pro. 1 : Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments.

Con. 1: Animal testing is cruel and inhumane.

Pro. 2:  Helps ensure safety of drugs:

Con. 2: Some substances tested, may never be used for anything useful:

Pro. 3: Humans and animals are almost identical in many ways.

Con. 3: Success in animal experimentation does not equate to human safety.

Pro. 4: It provides an ethical alternative solution to testing.

Con. 4:  It uses animals that are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

Pro. 5: Animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing.

Con. 6: Alternative testing methods now exist that can replace the need for animals.

Pro. 7:  Allow researchers to study a test subject for a whole life span.

Con. 7: Medical breakthroughs need not involve animals.

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